03 febbraio 2007

Swap Casette Dormiglione 2007

Sono aperte le iscrizioni allo scambio centralizzato di blocchi a tema: casette.
Troverete tutte le informazioni nel forum:

termine prima iscrizione: 1 marzo 2007

ma si accetteranno anche iscrizioni successive

international swapper are welcome!


Inspired by this web page:
(I don't know which language is!)
I'm going to host a "house blocks" centralized swap in Italy. I have
decided that this is an easy way to go about swapping, it saves us
all a lot of money on postage.
Would love to have international swappers join

The general guidelines are:
9.5" unfinished block - (cm 23 x23 minimum seam allowance cm 0,75)
pieced and/or appliqued
swap in sets of six (you send in 6, you get 6), all the same pattern
quilting quality fabric, any colours

This swap will be permanently open, until we'll think to change the
First sign-up deadline is March 1th.
Blocks need to be mailed in by April 1 2007.
Then June 1 - August 1 and so on....
Anyone can join it later and/or leave the swap in every moment

I have 7 italian quilters signed up, but would be very happy to have
international ones also

So if you are interested in the House Block Swap please email me with
the following info at m_d_romanelli at msn dot com

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